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HTC rejuvenates splendor through driving development in brilliant cell phone and experience plan. Starting with a dream to place a PC in the center of our clients’ hands, we have driven the way in the development from palm PC to cell phone.

The Pursuit of Brilliance is at the core of all that we do, motivating top tier plan and game-switching portable encounters for purchasers up the world. At HTC, the Pursuit of Brilliance is the drive to make, to wander into the obscure with an unflinching devotion to rejuvenate imaginative plan. It pushes us ordinarily to reconsider better approaches to associate the world, our shoppers, and their interests in manners until recently never imagined.
An Unending Curiosity ____
At HTC, we go where others haven’t thought to. Separating boundaries and making industry firsts is a huge piece of our set of experiences, which is the reason HTC has become inseparable from development, designing forward leaps, and planning the eventual fate of human interchanges as we keep on venturing into unfamiliar item domains.
An Unyielding Resilience ____
Solid person is at our center. Grant winning vision requires facing challenges and testing show. All along, versatility has been at the core of our innovative soul. Right up to the present day, we stay focused on our interest, accepting that the best thoughts rise above impermanent acknowledgment: they impact conduct, mold lives, and move new reasoning.
A Refined Approach ____
We hold our thoughts and our items to a higher arrangement of principles. To that end we plan for execution over notoriety – and our accomplices have paid heed. Other industry pioneers come to us since they comprehend that we make extraordinary items with an eye for plan and brain for designing that is praised by the business and clients the same.
A Real Impact ____
Our conviction innovation’s motivation has forever been to unite mankind to survive and vanquish troublesome difficulties. For that reason we generally plan our innovation to produce a genuine effect – to serve a more noteworthy, human reason that each and every person can profit from.
A Greater Purpose ____
HTC adopts a more extensive strategy to serving society and improving life. We accept that we can have to a greater extent an effect looking past the self-evident, connecting with individuals and empowering them to have an effect, and in further developing the manner in which we get things done.

In mid 2014, we sent off HTC Power To Give™. By joining all of the processing power at the fingertips of cell phone clients and interfacing them to global examination undertakings and foundations, Power To Give™ makes one of the world’s biggest supercomputers to propel research on natural and ecological issues, and to assist with finding solutions for sicknesses like malignant growth and Alzheimer’s.

Our assets in plan are not restricted to making extraordinary looking equipment. Our norms reach out to our assembling processes, too. That is the reason our processing plants are among the most ecologically capable on the planet, and why our workplaces have procured worldwide recognition, setting the highest quality level in energy productivity.

We have likewise extended our natural drives to shape the whole client experience. Our item bundling is 100 percent biodegradable, and the HTC One (M7) was the first cell phone on the planet worked to global details of complete carbon impression and lifecycle appraisals. That is an industry first we’re glad for.

At HTC, we do these things in the information that we’re continuously making for what’s in store. Keeping that in mind, we understand that rejuvenating what’s to come eventually rests in the possession of our childhood. Through the HTC Foundation and our Summer Family Camp we offer compassionate and social help to those most deprived while likewise aiding the educating and improvement of a solid feeling of character and social qualities in youth. We accept that what’s in store is for everybody, which is the reason we endeavor to guarantee that each youngster has the potential chance to be important for the up and coming age of pioneers and visionaries.
Future Pursuits ____
This transformative way is a piece of the a lot bigger excursion we mean to take from now on. As we venture into new classes with the Re camera and other forthcoming items, it is critical to recollect what carried us to where we are currently, and why we accomplish the work we do. From our kin to our items and our social and ecological drives, the Pursuit of Brilliance addresses the directing way of thinking that has formed and will keep on molding HTC as a worldwide association.
Honors and Achievements ____
Our interest has paid off, with our items winning endless renowned industry and media grants, including:


‘Best Smartphone’ for the HTC One – GSMA Global Mobile Awards
‘Gold Product Design’ for the HTC One (M7) – iF Design Award
‘Telephone of the Year’ for HTC One (M8) – T3 Gadget Awards 2014
‘World’s Best Phone’ for the HTC One (M8) ‘ – TechRadar
‘Best Phone on the Market’ for the HTC One (M8) – Business Insider
‘Best European Advanced Smartphone’ – European Imaging and Sound Association
‘Best Android Phone’ for the HTC One (M8) – T3
‘Best Windows Phone’ for the HTC One (M8) for Windows – Laptop Magazine
‘Gold Medal in Design and Innovation’ for the HTC Dot View telephone case – Computex d&i
‘Best Phone’ for the HTC Desire 816 – TechRadar MWC Awards
‘Proofreader’s Choice’ for the HTC Desire 816 – PC Mag
‘Best in Show’ for the HTC Desire 816 – Know Your Mobile MWC Awards
‘Gold Product Award’ for the HTC Re camera – Spark Award


‘The Best Phone in the World’ for the HTC One – MSN UK
‘#1 Most Innovative Smartphone of 2013’ for the HTC One – Business Inside
‘Most sweltering Phone of 2013’ for the HTC One – Mobile Industry Awards
‘Telephone of the Year’, ‘Contraption of the Year’ and ‘Plan Award’ – T3 Gadget Awards
‘Best in Show at MWC’ for the HTC One – TechRadar
‘Best of Mobile World Congress 2013’ for the HTC One – Mobile Geeks
‘Best New Mobile Device at MWC’ – GSMA Global Mobile Awards
Master Experience Design’ for HTC Zoe and Video Highlights – Spark Awards
‘Perusers’ Choice: Best Smartphone of 2013′ for the HTC One – Android And Me
‘Individuals’ Choice, First Place’ for 39 sequential weeks, for the HTC One – PhoneDog Media
‘Proofreader’s Choice’ for the HTC One – AnandTech, Hot Hardware, TechnoBuffalo, Mashable, Gotta Be Mobile, and some more
‘Cell phone of the Year’ for the HTC One – Mobile Choice Awards; Trusted Reviews; Pocket-Lint; MSN Tech Awards;; Mobility Magazine, and some more.